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Bernadettes Flavored Pizzelle

Bernadettes Flavored Pizzelle
Pizzelle are traditional Italian cookies originally from the Abruzzi region. They were made on cast iron grills over an open fire for celebrations. Early pizzelle were often embossed with a family crest or village marking. Pizzelle today are still made with time and patience, but with modern technology. Bernadettes Pizzelle are baked to perfection. Contains no preservatives. Available in four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Maple Syrup, and Lemon.


 Bernadettes Vanilla 8oz - $4.79
 Bernadettes Maple Syrup 8oz - $4.79
 Bernadettes Lemon 8oz - $4.79
 Bernadettes Annisette 8oz - $4.79


Monini Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
View Six flavors of extra virgin olive oil from Spoleto. Only a few drops are needed of any of these oils to enhance your food. 

The Garlic and Chili can be used in salad dressing and over boiled legumes, spaghetti, marinated mussels and bruschetta. The Rosemary is ideal for seasoning roasted and grilled meats, oven-baked potatoes, white pizza and focaccia. The White Truffle is highly esteemed by connoisseurs and suitable for flavoring bruschetta, white sauces, pasta dishes and roasted meats. The Porcini Mushroom is recommended for flavoring risotto, short-cut pasta and stewed meats. Four Peppers Extra Virgin OLive Oil is particularly indicated for pizza, stir fries and barbacue dishes. Ideal for zesty salad dressing and marinades. Basil Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil is particularly indicated as a condiment on bruschetta, pasta, salads, escalopes and hors d'oeuvres.

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Jumbo Cheese Ravioli
This classic ravioli is filled with a mixture of aged Romano cheese, fresh ricotta cheese, fresh eggs, seasoned bread crumbs, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

Sold by the case, 4 dozen.
Our Price: $20.00

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Falconero D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
View Special cultivation practices, harvesting by hand, and cold pressing of the olives within a few hours of the harvest guarantee a high quality product rich in antioxidants. Use with seafood dishes, salads and delicate meats. Unfiltered. Bottled at the Fontanasalsa farm of Maria Caterina Burgarella in Trapani, Sicily. First cold pressed and unfiltered

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